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Frying Spam
and Other things to do Before the Rapture

Soon to Come!
the samuel saint thomas memoirs:

Frying Spam and Other Things to do Before the Rapture is my comedic memoirs of a Pentecostal preacher’s kid growing up in a Pennsylvania steel town. Each chapter explores a formative humorous experience—from my kindergarten infatuation with Denise the pirate, to a pubescent French kiss lesson on a hayride with Jane, a hell-bound sinner. Narrated in the playful voice of a boy, these seventeen narratives embrace the oddities of my Christian Fundamentalist family and my curiosity for everything they said could send me to a lake of fire.

Frying Spam reveals as well a child fascinated by speaking in tongues, the butchery of a Quaker goat, the exorcism of a gay demon, and the impending doom and disaster of the rapture. And in the chapter “Our Side,” I help Dad erect a wall between us and our Catholic neighbors. This chapter had its genesis during my graduate studies in creative non-fiction with Thomas E. Kennedy at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Other ideas, for the chapters titled “Fetch the Fowl,” and “The Color Red,” came to be much earlier while earning a BA in Philosophy and English.

Bizarre, and perhaps frightening, these stories would be difficult for me to tell if not for seeing the humor in the twisted ideas that grew in my little head in the dim light of religion. Expect publication soon. Until then, read a few slices of "frying spam" here and follow the adventure with me here on facebook.

the conversations:

"Scribbles, Fragments, and Ideas: A Conversation with Chris Arthur," my first major publication, is a conversation over seven days by email with philosophy professor Chris Arthur of the University of Wales, Lampeter.  Originally 8000 words, the edited work appeared in the acclaimed Literary Review, winter 2008.  it was a pleasurable and a rewarding experience to exchange ideas with such a prolific and talented writer. Read it here.

in the beginning:

I started writing prose poetry before i knew what it was.  A bit after the release of my "unfortunate adventures" cd, I sat at my computer on Thanksgiving day, thinking of a turkey story i could tell.  That night in 1998 I wrote "the big chew,” about a vegan kid's first turkey leg.  By 3am, sans revision, I'd copied it to my several hundred friends and music fans.  The reaction was flattering, giving way to 52 weeks of diner eggs, big fish, and headless chickens. I was off and running as a writer.

So have a look around.  Check back, too. I’ll try to keep the fresh thoughts coming.
Enjoy. Share. Keep in touch.

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