Release Date: 1995-03-01
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Sixteen year old Krista Long and Samuel Saint Thomas team together on this swing, blues, hick hop, rock release, Saweeet. The CD features the creatively reimagined 1971 Melanie number one hit, “Brand New Key.” Rivaling the original version, it is injected with banjo, violin, and a novel hick hop dance beat. Written, recorded, mixed, and produced by singer-songwriter, Samuel Saint Thomas at A.D. West Studios, the songs are full of innocence and wonder, curiosity and ¬†bounce.


Enlisting the outstanding talents of Cesar Diaz (Bob Dylan, Allman Brothers), Tim Carbone (Kings in Disguise, Railroad Earth, Phil Lesh), M.J. Law and Kevin Leggieri (Solution A.D.), Len Mooney (Roamin Gabrials), and others.